Body Image Beautiful: 18 Life Hacks for Loving the Body You Have Now – ebook

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There Is No Need to be Unhappy with the Person You See in the Mirror!


Are you unhappy with the person you see when you look in the mirror? How we feel about ourselves is the result of a complicated set of social cues, and often our own misperception of how we think other people view ourselves. The good news is that our body image is the result of our own feelings, and therefore is something that is within our grasp to change. And we should endeavor to do just that – no one deserves to live unhappily because of negative feelings they harbor about themselves.


You don’t have to talk yourself into loving things you don’t love. People with a positive body image have a realistic perception of their bodies and know that their body is not the same as someone else’s, but they accept, appreciate, and even love the differences.


You do not have to be thin or tall or have any other specific physical traits to have a positive body image. It does not matter what you look like from the outside. Having a positive body image is about how you feel about the way you look. If you are not one, you know people like this. They may be too fat or too short or have stringy hair and yet, they are confident and assured.


Body Image Beautiful: 18 Life Hacks for Loving the Body You Have Now

This book will explain why you feel the way you do and offer strategies for changing the way you think about yourself. You owe to yourself to change your thinking, embrace the person you are, and start living a happier life today!

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