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My official finish time for the NJ Marathon was 4:11:21. I wanted to come in under 4 hours but I am pleased with that. More than that, I am pleased that I stopped my Garmin at 4:11:25, so I was 4 seconds off of the chip time. I’m usually a bonehead when it comes to stopping my Garmin, even in the shortest of races. I think the fact that I was 4 seconds off in a marathon means I am maturing as a runner (it does, right?). Here are some of my race pics from Brightroom, the official race photographer (I think the last one is my favorite):

Am I the only one that got a porta potty shot or what? Way to go Brightroom, I will cherish that one forever. As a side note, this is pre-race. I cruised for 4:11 hours without having to make a pit stop, which is also a small success for me. I think I have my hydration strategy nailed for the next marathon.

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12 Responses to Race Results & Photos

  1. joyRuN says:


    You scored a potty pic from the official race photogs!! How’d you get so lucky? You did order that, right??

    Fourth pic – holy shredded quads!

  2. That is a RIOT. HAHAHAHA. The photo any runner would want framed for all to see.

  3. You lucked out with all those good photos and the porta-potty pic is beyond compare!! I’d totally hang that on my wall if I was you. Don’t know if you’ll check my blog but the 5K on the 23rd is http://www.trocrf.org/5k.php. Would be cool if you could get over here to do it.

  4. FLYERS26 says:

    port o potty.. Classic!!
    that is the 1st one I have ever seen like that.

  5. Caroline says:

    Not sure if I’ve posted yet on your blog, but this one surely I couldn’t resist!!!!
    Port-a-Poty race pic, hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! That is so funny!!

    Oh, and congrats on the great race!

  6. ~randi~ says:

    That picture of the port o potty is just so hilarious. I have never seen anything like it!

    I’m thinking making maybe Portland for a fall marathon. Or maybe a small local marathon – but its in August which I fear is not enough time!

  7. Denise says:

    That is great! Love the port o pot shot!!

  8. Ted says:

    You know… you do look like someone with the first picture… are you related to this guy below?


    Must be your brother ???

    Unbelievable professional photog to take you a pix coming out of Port a Potty… KODAK MOMENT !!!

  9. Michelle says:

    Great marathon time!!! WOO!!!

    Last photo – priceless!!

  10. BommaMama says:

    What in the hell was the photographer thinking? Was he monitoring the porta-potties, camera poised, waiting to get some good shots? Wouldn’t it be funny to have that picture framed or made into a plaque with your finish time and everything on it? Funny if it wasn’t so damn expensive. Stinkin brightroom!

  11. Marcy says:

    ROFLMAO HAHAHAH Duuuddee the pot one is the best. Man I’d get that baby framed! I’m trashy like that 😛

  12. Spartan7 says:

    You could say that it’s better to be caught at the John … then in the John!

    Cool deal, most runners want pictures of them smiling and levitating, but you got a true classic!

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