Race Results & Photos

My official finish time for the NJ Marathon was 4:11:21. I wanted to come in under 4 hours but I am pleased with that. More than that, I am pleased that I stopped my Garmin at 4:11:25, so I was 4 seconds off of the chip time. I’m usually a bonehead when it comes to stopping my Garmin, even in the shortest of races. I think the fact that I was 4 seconds off in a marathon means I am maturing as a runner (it does, right?). Here are some of my race pics from Brightroom, the official race photographer (I think the last one is my favorite):

Am I the only one that got a porta potty shot or what? Way to go Brightroom, I will cherish that one forever. As a side note, this is pre-race. I cruised for 4:11 hours without having to make a pit stop, which is also a small success for me. I think I have my hydration strategy nailed for the next marathon.

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