Fall Marathon of Choice = Chicago

Chicago Marathon Lottery Registration

I registered for the Chicago Marathon lottery this week.  I’ve had this race on the radar for a while but of course decided to wait until they made it a lottery registration system before deciding to pull the trigger.  I am usually not a “big marathon” kind of guy, and usually prefer races that are around or under the 10,000 runner mark.  But for a big race Chicago has a reputation for being logistically easy and a fast course so I am putting my big-race bias aside and will see if I can get in.

I love Fall marathons and usually try and run 2 or 3 in the Fall.  Because Chicago is kind of notorious for having weird weather it is an especially prudent move to have a back up race, so I am considering signing up for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon as well, since that is supposed to be a great race as well and hits my sweet spot for marathon size.  That way I can knock of IL and IN from the 50 state map.  And I may still throw the Philadelphia Marathon in there, just because it’s a bad idea.

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