03-09-08 (Week 10)

Pain is part of the deal with marathon training. Ideally it appears in subtle doses, like when you’re going down stairs during the day or briefly during a mile or two of a run. I got hit a little harder when I was out running Tuesday morning this week, however. That was my first day of running after racing the E. Murray Todd Half marathon on Sunday and apparently it was harder on my body then I realized. So I traded off a day of running for some more cycling this week to help recover. We ended up being out late Saturday night in NYC for a party Saturday (happy birthday Carolyn), and with the time change I ended up postponing my 7:00am 20 miler Sunday morning with JSRC for a better rested 9:30am 15 miler by myself. Grinding out 15 miles by yourself can be a real drag when you are used to doing the long ones with a group – looking forward to being back with the club next weekend.

Tues 4 m
Fri 5 m
Sat 8 m
Sun 15 m
Total 32 m

3/9 Manasquan Reservoir

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