03-16-08 (Week 11)

This is the highest mileage week so far in the schedule, topping out after Sunday at 47 miles. Sunday was a little rough – was out late Saturday night, was missing a training partner due to illness, and had some crummy weather to deal with which resulted in fewer JSRC people out to run with Sunday morning. The result was I ended up grinding out 20 miles by myself, which isn’t bad considering the conditions and the fact that it’s my first 20 mile run. Thank God for mp3 players, I don’t know how people ran long before them. The good news is the coming week is a bit of a cut back week, which means a little less running and a little more tennis.

Mon 5.5 m
Wed 8 m
Thu 5.5 m
Sat 8 m
Sun 20 m
Total 47 m

3/16 Bodman Park

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