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Êtes-vous prêt pour du tennis ?

Are you ready for some tennis? The French Open started this weekend, much to the dismay of the other three people in my house who will be forced to watch battles on the clay for the next two weeks. Our … Continue reading

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On the Road Again…

The rule of thumb I have read over and over is you should take one day of rest for every one mile you’ve raced, which means that I should be resting for close to a month. As anyone who has … Continue reading

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After the Marathon…

You hear a lot of things about what to expect from your body the week after running a marathon. It’s a very individual thing so you never really know for sure until you’ve been through it yourself. Luckily for me … Continue reading

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The 12th Annual New Jersey Marathon

Saturday at the marathon expo was COLD and WINDY and RAINY – which did not bode well for race day. My kids still ran like champs at the kid’s races, but every weather report from every media outlet called for … Continue reading

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Taper Madness

I’m not sleeping well… new aches and pains cropping up all over… high level of nervousness and agitation (more so than usual). I’m not battling drug addiction or dealing with mental illness (more so than usual) – It’s taper madness. … Continue reading

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