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NJM Training Run

Sunday I got to head out to the NJ Marathon course in Long Branch to get in on a New Jersey Road Runners Club training run (I joined the NJRRC a couple of weeks ago so I am now officially … Continue reading

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I Loooove The Track

There it is, the local high school track. It’s about a two mile bike ride from my house, which serves conveniently as the perfect 10 minute warm up and cool down in the morning. I love the track, and since … Continue reading

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It Starts Today

Today is the first day of a 16 week training plan targeting the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23rd. Ironically, as is often the case, it is technically a rest day, since most training plans are usually based on a long … Continue reading

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Real Runners Cross Train

My venerable Trek 950 mountain bike. Purchased used in 1992 for $250, which was a king’s ransom in that day and age. This bike has served me well, going on cross state excursions to visit my soon to be bride, … Continue reading

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Taper Madness

I’m not sleeping well… new aches and pains cropping up all over… high level of nervousness and agitation (more so than usual). I’m not battling drug addiction or dealing with mental illness (more so than usual) – It’s taper madness. … Continue reading

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3-02-08 (Week 9)This was a cut back week, which means slightly less weekly mileage and cutting back the long run Sunday. The generic schedule called for 12 miles Sunday, we ran the E. Murray Todd Half Marathon instead. Beautiful day … Continue reading

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