My Early AM Running Ensemble

It was 17 degrees this morning at 5:30am, with a 9 degree wind chill. Not bad for some parts of the country but pretty damn chilly for around here. The perfect weather to try out some of my latest cold weather running gear. I would upload this picture to Facebook, but most of those non running type people would assume I’ve gotten a job working for the local municipal road crew or something. I figured fellow running dweebs would appreciate the getup though:

A – Princeton Tec Quad headlamp – 4 LED’s of regulated brightness

B – Fleece hat with pull down fleece gator thingy – picked up at the Philly Marathon expo for $10

C – Manzella convertible glove/mittens. Just picked these up from the hunting section at Dick’s Sporting goods. It has to be REALLY cold out or these things are way too hot.

D – Reflective vest, won by Mrs. Progman at one of her running classes. Helpful to keep cars from bouncing off you in the darkness

E – New Balance Running jacket, given to me by my awesome sister in law. Much nicer than the Brooks Element jacket I shelled out $70 for. Fits me better – I think the guys over at New Balance must be tall.

I’m only wearing a long sleeve compression top along with Under Armor cold gear tights with this outfit, and I’m pretty sure I could have gotten by in this if the weather had gone down to zero. Usually for me the only thing I need to worry about are my ears and hands, and I think I’ve got that nailed. Merry Christmas to everyone – stay warm!

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