Where’s Progman?

I know I have been conspicuously absent from the blogging scene lately. Last week I made the difficult decision of voluntarily retiring my Blackberry. I think I was WAY too plugged in with that thing – Facebook, blogging, internet this internet that – Gah! It was a hard move to make but I think I needed a breather from the hard core social networking scene. My Blackberry was also my main source of blogging updates, so I know I need to catch up on some of the other blogs the “old fashion” way.

Training: It wouldn’t be a Progman marathon training cycle without some kind of injury report. This past Sunday (which was the end of a “cut back” week) I was half way through a 13.5 mile run and had a blanket of pain descend on my right knee. It felt like what I have always heard described as ITBS pain, although I have never really had the pleasure of experiencing ITBS before. A trip to my physical therapist this week and he says he doesn’t think it shows the classic signs of ITBS – just some angry muscle pains which should respond to heat and the foam roller. I have made an appointment with an Active Release Therapist just to be on the safe side, though. I have read some remarkable results from ART so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

This pain just happens to crop up right after my peak mileage week of 55 miles, which is a high for me. The good news is even if it is something awful I am 4 weeks away from the NJ Marathon, so I could just start my taper early and coast until May 3rd. I don’t think it’s that serious though, and may just need a little therapy along with some extra rest days. The bottom line is at this point I am running the marathon if I have to line up on crutches with the 7 hour pace group. Short of that, I think I just need to sit back and reevaulate my race goal (which I would have been doing anyway).

Hope everyone else’s training is going well!

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