Asbury Park Relay Marathon

I am officially registered for the Asbury Park Relay Marathon in October. The course is a U shaped loop with a Start/Finish/Transition area that is on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ across from the famed Stone Pony. Teams can consist of 2-8 runners or you can run as a team of one (I chose the team of one option). I had a hard time turning this one down – it’s $35 if you sign up by March 31st as a team of one, plus $5 off if you are a NJRRC member. So for $30 I get to run a marathon that is 20 miles from my house, get a long sleeve tech shirt, chip timing, and the bizarre Tilly finisher medal – I would have been crazy not to sign up. Plus I’m pretty sure I can get Mrs. Progman to get a team together with some of her running gal friends. I encourage any local runners to check this out. (Of course, if I get into the NYC Marathon which is two weeks later, this will be tricky, but what are the odds of that happening?).

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  1. FLYERS26 says:

    Do you think I could do this and Philly?
    Hard to turn down at that price.

  2. I was gonna say the same thing, just don’t let this harm Philly or I’ll have to find you and lame you for October. Hey, how are you liking the Nike Frees?

  3. Marci says:

    What a great deal! I think it will help your run in Philly personally.


    Ok lets get Ms Progman on board and I’ll join her team. I’m writing it on the calendar so tell her to email me soon……

  5. Blyfinn says:

    That’s a steal. Nice work.

  6. Simi says:

    For what purpose this realy is organized? I think March 31st can still be extended for registers purpose as we have good gap between Oct.

  7. Denise says:

    That’s a great deal!! I’m hoping to do Marine Corp though the weekend after…

  8. BommaMama says:

    I’ve been thinking about this one but never got so far as to see the actual cost… that is an amazing deal! Thanks for promoting it to us!

  9. Michelle says:

    I am hoping I get into NY but if not I was thinking Philly!! This one sounds great too though!!

    I guess time will tell for me. If i have good news in my xray tomorrow I am set!! Broken TOE must heal!!

  10. Laurel says:

    Sounds like an awesome race. I have never been to Asbury Park. I have always wanted to go…

    So, I was cracking up today thinking of you getting all excited while googling Bondi Band. Then being all disappointed. LOL!

  11. Denise says:

    I’ll have to ask Jack about that run and see if it’s on my schedule. I love having someone take care of all this for me!

    By the way, they just opened up a few more lone ranger spots…

  12. Ted says:

    Hmm Hmmmm… should I sign up too ???

  13. SuperDave says:

    You and Bill sneaking off to another race…

  14. Maddy says:

    If you get into NYC can you add a person t your team? I am running as part of a team of two and it fits perfectly into my NYC Marathon training schedule.

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