I Loooove The Track

There it is, the local high school track. It’s about a two mile bike ride from my house, which serves conveniently as the perfect 10 minute warm up and cool down in the morning. I love the track, and since it figures prominently in the Furman training plan, I get to experience my love for it once a week for 16 weeks. There’s just something manly about running track intervals. There’s always the odd running shoe or sweatshirt laying around, like the track swallowed up some runner and spit them out in little nasty pieces (last week there was a used condom, who’s watching these kids?). So this morning it was 5 x 1000 meters with a 400 meter rest interval. Good stuff – when you’re on that last interval and your heart is pumping at 94% of your maximum heart rate and the sweat is pouring off you, you appreciate your passion for running and the effects it has on your body – I love it.

– I love getting up at 5:00am to do this stuff
– I love that my VO2 Max is improving
– I love that my wife is talking about her pacing strategy for Saturday’s race

Oh, and I love that I received the book in the mail yesterday (haven’t gotten too far but Dean hasn’t said anything so far about the track, what a wuss!)

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