4-27-08 (Week 17)

This is it – the hay is in the barn as they say. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I have seen runners say it in online forums. I’m pretty sure it means that the training is over and the wait is on. This week was considerably lighter in volume, the coming week will be really light until Sunday (race day). To get in the racing frame of mind I volunteered at the Lake Como 5k on Saturday with future elite Christopher R.

Weather forecasts called for scattered rain but the race organizers lucked out and the weather was perfect (for runners anyway, a little chilly by the lake). Here is a picture of CR with the race leaders in the forefront (the winner clocked a 15:55 – nice). About 300 people turned out, most of them wanted water so we were pretty busy. A nice way to spend the day with your kids and fellow runners when you have a marathon pending.

As an added bonus, I got to see the first 5k effort of my long time tennis partner Andrew K. The good news is he had great weather and a nice race for a first effort. The bad news is now I need to focus on speed work after the marathon so I can beat a 20:36 (a 20:36?, come on man – I need to get some USATF guys out here to measure this course – bring the doping equipment too because I suspect illegal human growth hormones). My next 5k will be on June 14th in Eastampton, NJ. Until then, no tennis, bring on the taper madness, we are running 26.2 in 7 days baby!!!

Tues 4 m
Wed 5 m
Thurs 4 m
Sat 3.5 m
Sun 8 m
Total 24.5 m

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