It won’t be NY this year

The results of the New York City Marathon lottery came out this week. For those not familiar with the process, to run the marathon you either qualify with a crazy fast time (3.10 for men which is faster than what I would need to run to qualify for the Boston Marathon), join the NYRRC and run 9 races in NY during a calendar year, or enter the lottery. I was one of the estimated 50,000 – 60,000 people who paid $11 to enter the lottery and find out I came up snake eyes. So the NYC marathon made a cool half million to turn the rest of us down – no problem, I will be back next year with my $11 in hand. So now I need to decide what to do in the Fall.

In other news, Raphael Nadal quite rudely dismissed arguably the best tennis player of all time from the courts of Roland Garros on Sunday in the French Open final. The win ties Bjorn Borg’s record with 4 straight French Open titles, and Nadal is only 22 years old. Some people are already calling for him to make a run at Wimbledon in two weeks. I wouldn’t have thought so before the tournament, but he tore through everyone without even dropping a set (including destroying my pick Novak Djokovic). So we’ll see if he can translate that clay court magic to the grass…

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