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Could I Beat Donovan McNabb in a 5K?

Crazy right? These are the things I think about when I’m not thinking about what tension to string my racquets at or where to run my long runs. At first glance, it sounds pretty ridiculous – I mean, he’s a … Continue reading

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Real Runners Cross Train

My venerable Trek 950 mountain bike. Purchased used in 1992 for $250, which was a king’s ransom in that day and age. This bike has served me well, going on cross state excursions to visit my soon to be bride, … Continue reading

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Time to get the running shoes back on

The Henry Hudson Trail, my old friend & nemesis. I forgot how much I missed it while I was traipsing all over the Magic Kingdom for the past week. It’s great to get back on the HH this time of … Continue reading

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Congratulations Rafa!

It figures – what is starting to be called the greatest Wimbledon final in history, and I was in transit home from Disney World. Between watching the first set before departing, airport televisions, and keeping track on my blackberry I … Continue reading

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No Marathon training this week…

This is the first trip to Disney for these two, and the first time I’ve been here in 20 years (wow I’m old). So training this week will be limited to walking the expanse of the Disney empire. I will … Continue reading

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Jango Fett in the Disney Star Wars parade

I don’t know, I thought he looked kinda cool

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