Wow, I Am Getting Kind of Excited

After dropping from the full marathon to the half marathon, I had just kind of forgotten about this race thing that is scheduled for this Sunday. It is brutal to deal with an injury that takes your goal race away from you, and running the shorter distance seemed bittersweet. But I just got my email confirmation yesterday from the Philadelphia Marathon and, I have to say, I am getting kind of pumped. Plus I am reading some of the local blogs and getting kind of fired up. The way Flyers26 has been running I think he may actually win the marathon. Ted’s been banging out PR’s all summer and now apparently wants to hang out by his fireplace. JoyRun and Laurel have both showed recent signs of taper madness. ShoreTurtle is spectating and has even posted the points on the course he will be with his new cowbell. Word has it Girl In Motion may also be spectating. This may be fun after all.

Still not sure what my goal is Sunday. I am not used to racing a half marathon without having the benefit of 18 & 20 mile runs in my legs. The achilles is better but still lets me know now and then that it’s still hanging around. My better judgement says to treat the half like a spring marathon training run and enjoy running through the city. My bad judgement usually makes 90% of my decisions for me though. We’ll see – good luck to everyone running on Sunday.

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