Going Far on May 22nd

I signed up this week to run the Fargo Marathon on May 22nd. I have wanted to do this race for a while for some reason. Runner’s World recently ranked it in it’s reader’s top 10 favorite marathons, so that helped sway my decision a little. I was originally thinking about running a marathon in March, April & May – I scrapped that idea in favor of putting forth a good training effort and trying to run a decent race in Fargo.
I think this training cycle will be my first foray into a Pfitzinger training plan. I have been wanting to follow a Pfitzinger plan for a while but have always opted for the “easier to follow” nature of a Higdon styled plan. By the time I signed up for Fargo, I had a solid base of 40-50 mpw weeks, so I jumped into the 10th week of his 12/55 plan. If things go well in this training cycle I will probably pick one of his 18 week plans for the Twin Cities Marathon in October.
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