Long Overdue Year in Review

Once again life has gotten in the way of blogging. My year 2009 review numbers are as follows:


New Jersey Marathon
Turkey Swamp 25 k (PR)
Asbury Park Marathon
Philadelphia Marathon (PR)
Thunder Road Marathon

Total Miles Run = 1912

My two main goals for 2009 were to run 2009 miles and to run a sub-4 marathon, so I wound up with a big fat FAIL on both. So my two main goals for 2010? Yeah, at least 2010 miles and a sub-4. So far I am targeting a Fall marathon as my ultimate goal race, since I know I will be able to load up on miles over the summer. I still hope to run at least 2 in the spring though. I am getting ready to sign up for the Ocean Drive Marathon in March, just because it’s so damn close and I’ve never done it before. As far as a Fall marathon I have reserved a room in Minnesota for the Twin Cities Marathon in October. Registration opens February 2nd so I have a few days to decide if I want to change my mind and do something else (it’s supposed to be a great race though so I will probably stick with it). And I’ll probably do the Philadelphia Marathon again, just because that is such a fun local race. So that’s it for me – curious to hear what everyone else is thinking for races.

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3 Responses to Long Overdue Year in Review

  1. Hey, I have the same goal: 2010 miles in 2010! Good luck!!

    Sounds like a nice race schedule. Lots of chances for that sub-4. I bet you get it at Ocean Drive.

  2. Philly looks like such a fun race to me-wish I lived closer and could consider adding it to the schedule. I think you’ll get your sub-4, no problem-all those deposits in the training bank.

    Me…schedule looks like Boston, Missoula, and maybe NYC, depending on lottery.

  3. Denise says:

    i think 2010 is going to be your year! congrats to a great 2009!

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