Easter Candy and the Runner’s Dilemma….

My wife is a chocolate connoisseur, so Easter in our house doesn’t typically mean Russell Stover. We have a chocolatier in town who makes top notch stuff, which usually finds it’s way into our house on Easter. I love chocolate as much as the next person. Currently, however, my chocolate fix has been reduced to the protein shake I drink once a week after my long run (chocolate flavored whey protein powder mixed with chocolate soy milk, unsightly but delicious). So while my kids are riding a nightly sugar high on Easter candy I am reduced to watching while munching on the leftover hard boiled eggs. I have seen reports of crazy wine and chocolate diets, but I give these the same amount of credibility I give to wacky Dr. Atkins (No Carbs? DUDE!). However, this year my wife bought me a 5″ chocolate tennis racquet from the chocolatier (yeah, they actually make that), so it is just a matter of time before I fall off the wagon. At least I’ll have another excuse for poor race performance.

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