03/30/08 (Week 13)

This week was a buildup to the second 20 mile run in the plan, topping off the week at 43 1/2 miles. Sunday was a combination 10 mile training run at the Manasquan Reservoir followed by the Freehold Area Running Club’s St. Paddy’s 10 Mile race at Michael Tigue Park. The double 10 mile runs also marked the 12 year anniversary of me marrying the most patient woman on the planet (yes, it sucks being married to someone training for a marathon). So we enjoyed a dinner out Sunday night and will take a trip into NYC next Saturday to celebrate a little more. 5 more weeks to go to NJM.

Tues 5 m
Wed 8 m
Thur 5 m
Sat 5.5 m
Sun 10 m
10 m
Total 43.5 m

St. Paddy’s 10 Mile Run 3/30/2008

Mr. & Mrs. Progman2000 3/30/1996

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