04-13-08 (Week 15)

Last big mileage week of the training plan – Wednesday marked my last mid-week 8 mile run, Sunday marked the last 20 mile run. The benevolent New Jersey Road Runners Club, sponsor of the New Jersey Marathon, sponsored a training run on Sunday on the NJM course. This means we got to go out at 7:00am and run the same course we will be running in 3 weeks. A lot of marathoners came out for this one – the weather was great and it ended up being a great run and an excellent confidence builder. So the below GPS map, courtesy of my venerable Garmin 305, is the exact route of the marathon. The course is a double 13.1 loop course, which starts and ends right in front of the ocean – a beautiful course, hopefully the weather will be the same in 3 weeks.

Tues 5 m
Wed 8 m
Thu 3.5
Sat 5 m
Sun 20 m
Total 41.5 m

NJRRC Training Run 04-13-08

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