Whose That Wearing My Garmin?

Paula Radcliffe? Joan Benoit Samuelson? No, ITS MRS. PROGMAN2000!!! In a rare moment of weakness, she made the mistake of saying out loud in front of me that she thought it would be cool to train for a 5k. Mind you, this was back in late March/early April when I was training hot and heavy for the NJ Marathon – I’m pretty sure she thought I was delirious enough from training that it would have gotten past me. But with a little snooping around the JSRC I found the Women’s Running 101 program. These guys have been around for a while and have gotten rave reviews for their women’s only running programs. The summer class started in June, meets once a week, and outlines a 3 day a week training program targeted towards a goal race at the end of August. And guess what baby – it’s almost the end of August!

So next Saturday (8/30) is the Saturday in the Park 5k. It’s hosted by my running club (JSRC) and advertised as the largest women’s only race event in the state (a little sexist if you ask me). Proceeds go to three different charities that support women and families in need. But let’s face it, it’s not about the running club. It’s not about the 3 months of training. It’s not even about the women and families in need. This is all about my honey busting out her first race. She’s an animal – she is already talking about running at the Manasquan Reservoir with other girls from the class (hey, wait a minute, that’s one of my training places). She is already talking about the NEXT 5k (hmm..). I think she has even already marked off the Born to Run 5 Mile in November – yikes! But first she has to knock off the Saturday in the Park 5k. A challenging course by anyone’s standards – the legendary “Bowl” there has been making high school cross country kids vomit for years. But the bowl has never met Mrs. Progman2000.

Woohoo Go Michele Go!

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