A Photographic Journal of My Sunday Long Run

Being a programmer supporting a product which some clients deem mission critical, I find myself on a 5 week rotation where I am on call for 24 hour support. I typically HATE these weeks where I am shackled to my phone, especially when it is during marathon training. During the winter it is not so bad when you are running in a jacket with pockets. During the summer when you can get by on nothing other than shorts it stinks to have to carry a phone. However, I decided to make the most of it this morning – since I was lugging my blackberry, I was going to snap some pictures. I set my alarm for 4:45am (crazy? perhaps) and was able to get over to Bodman park to start running around 5:40. Here is my run:

Mile 1 – the receding of a Harvest Moon (didn’t expect to snap a picture here until I saw this)

Mile 3.1 – At the top of Kick Ass Hill (yeah, it’s called that for a reason)

Mile 5.5 – The famed Stone Church, as seen from a JSRC water stop

Mile 6.38 – Note to self, remember to watch for cars

Mile 7.22 – The last nice water view before another brutal hill climb into the woods

Mile 11.73 – The view of New York across the water from the top of Beacon Hill

I ended up doing a little over 15 miles. At least 1/4 of that is through the wooded trails of Harthshorne & Huber Woods. Photos of the woods rarely translate well and end up looking like a bore (especially from a camera phone) . However, those sections of running the woods are far more intoxicating than even the most riveting stretch of urban scenery. This will probably be the last time I hit up Bodman for a while – my Sunday mileage is going to creep higher and I will have to start running it from my front door in the interest of conserving time. But I’ll be back, Bodman, bet on it!

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