Saturday in the Park 5k!

Wow, what a beautiful day for a race (sarcasm, it poured a couple of hours before the start which provided a muddy course and humid conditions). Mrs. Progman was fired up and not intimidated in the least by the elements. This race is run on one of the most popular & challenging cross country courses around, containing several hills including the infamous “Bowl”. Michele’s finish time was a remarkable 37:28 given the gnarly conditions. A great debut, a great finish time, and a great motivator to run a flat 5k to beat the 37:28.

With the Women’s 101 Group

With the kiddos pre race

The start or the race

Check out the finishing kick in the home stretch

With friends at the finish

Then the kids races – Katie in white (speed & intensity)

Christopher finished strong despite running with only one shoe for 3/4 of the race

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