Year in Review

I am not an original poster, so I will admit I am copying ShoreTurtle’s format for my 2008 end of year post. I like his no nonsense, cut to the chase style:

2008 Miles:
1401 miles

2008 Races:
5k – 1 race
10k – 1 race
15k – 1 race
10 mile – 1 race
13.1 – 3 races
26.2 – 1 race

Kind of funny, I would have guessed I raced a lot more than that in 2008 until I actually wrote it down. I don’t think I will change too much in 2009. I am not the kind of guy that can go out and race every weekend, it ends up burning me out mentally after a while. I am more of a “set a goal a couple of months out” kind of guy. I like to have that carrot out there to keep me interested. I would like to score a PR in the 5k & 26.2 arena in 2009. More than that, I just want to stay off the injured list.

I would also like to meet up with some more local runners in 2009. Maybe we can pick a Spring/Summer race to meet at (although the competition has the potential to get quite ugly). At the very least maybe do some collaborative training runs together. Hope everyone had a good holiday!

PHOTO: My 2008 shoes, all from Brooks (picture taken on my Precor 956 treadmill).

Addiction (2 pairs)
Trance 7 (2 pairs)
Adrenaline GTS 7 (1 pair)
Adrenaline GTS 8 (1 pair)

The Addictions are being rotated out – I may add a pair of Trance 8 and another pair of Adrenaline GTS 7 in 2009 (defintely like those over the newer GTS 8). I am obviously partial to Brooks – I tried the Saucony Hurricane 10 and hated them, they are now my “walk on the treadmill” shoes. I would love to try Asics but they are so damn expensive – most of these shoes I scored in the $60 dollar range.

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