Saturday in the Park

Mercer County Park that is. I ventured out to MCP to join in with Hamilton Area Trail Runs group. I’ve been meaning to get out with these guys – I lived in Lawrenceville and ran in Mercer County Park in college, so this was a nostalgic walk (run) down memory lane. Trail running is different than the road running I am used to – we did 6.5 miles of jumping roots and running hills which I know I will pay for tomorrow.

Since the weather men having been hyping up this storm that we are supposed to get in NJ Saturday night, I decided to make the trail run part of my long run since it sounded like running outside Sunday morning might not be an option. So once the group was done, Flyers26 and Shoreturtle were kind enough to join me for another 4.5 miles in the park. In return for their generosity, I treated them to the spectacle of watching me shine a portion of the ice laden path with my ass. The joke is on them though: they think I fell, but I was actually working on a top secret cross training move that I know will significantly lower my race times in 2009. Yeah, I’m sneaky like that.

Go Eagles!

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