My New Running Partner

I finally broke down and bought a digital camera to run with. I opted for the Olympus 850SW, which is part of their shockproof (I fall down a lot) and waterproof (I sweat like a baboon) line of cameras. It’s very cool and surprisingly small and light considering it can take pictures submerged in like 10 feet of water. I still need to get used to running with this thing, and more importantly snapping pictures on the run. I will need to ask ShoreTurtle for some tips, since he can manage to take pictures while also PR’ing in a race. So some pictures from running this weekend:

Saturday morning – 3 buzzards enjoying some roadkill. This is using the 3x digital zoom, so I suspect the quality is compromised a bit.

Sunday long run – hopping onto the Henry Hudson Trail in Freehold with the snow coming down.

Tons of tracks in the snow this morning – not really sure what this is, guessing rabbit.

Jersey Devil? Perhaps, if he wears a Brooks Adrenaline, size 14

Big Brook Preserve in Marlboro – very beautiful to run through, not sure why I don’t come here more often

As I was returning on the Henry Hudson Trail I spotted a red fox. This guy was pretty big – The odd fox I spot around here is usual more along the size of a big cat but this guy was more the size of a small/medium size dog. By the time I pulled the camera out he spotted me and was gone in a flash. Very cool to see though. The bulk of my running for the last several months has been on the roads so it was cool to be one with nature in the snow on Sunday.

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