Solo Sunday

I had a great 19 mile run this morning in the hills of Marlboro and Colts Neck, NJ. This was a new route I ran on – I mapped it out well ahead of time but was still surprised at the amount of hills on the route. I was sorry to miss Ted, ShoreTurtle, Joy & Flyers26 on their Seaside Heights training excursion, but I was hoping to get out REALLY early since the family had some stuff planned later in the morning. And imagine my surprise when I got home and Mrs. Progman was stretching with the running duds on. Now that the temperature is rising her season has officially started (not a cold weather gal at all, can’t say I blame her too much).

I am starting to embrace some of the recommendations made by Matt Fitzgerald in Performance Nutrition. I previously only worried about hydrating on the really long stuff – I am going to start making it a point to carry some type of sports drink on just about every run I do now. For the long stuff he is a fan of drinks that contain protein, so I have started carrying Accelerade on anything over an hour long. I know this stuff makes a lot of people gag but it is supposed to be huge as far as speeding recovery and minimizing muscle damage. So far I am digging it – I don’t know what effect, if any, it had on my 19 miler but I know I felt like I coulda just kept on running this morning.

I don’t know about the rest of the running community but I am desperately wanting to wash my cold weather gear and pack it away until next season. A couple of runs last week were cold enough that my eye lashes kept freezing together. I am normally a cold weather guy but enough’s enough already, I am ready to wear shorts from this point forward.

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