Post & Pre Marathon Wrap Up

The Philadelphia Marathon uses EnduraFit for their marathon shirts. EnduraFit apparently designs their shirts based on stick figures wearing them. I have a shirt from the half marathon last year and the marathon this year and both shirts are very tight in the shoulders & arms. I have seen this talked about on the Philly forum of RunnersWorld online so I know I am not alone with this complaint. So in a shameless act of capitalism I put both shirts on eBay this week. I will never wear either shirt since they fit so crappy so I figured I would use them to fund upcoming race registrations. So check out my booty from two race shirts:

Not bad considering I started the auction at $20. I checked the Marathon race results this year for the name of the person who won the auction and didn’t see them on there. I thought that was interesting, not sure what it means, but I hope someone ends up being happy with these shirts. I really hope EnduraFit steers clear of any of my future marathons – it really sucks to get a shirt from a race that you can’t even wear.

So what should I do with that hard earned thirty six bucks? Not sure if there are any good marathons coming up – surely it would be stupid for me to run one so close to running Philadelphia.

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6 Responses to Post & Pre Marathon Wrap Up

  1. Denise says:

    Wow!! I’m surprised they went for that much…but…they better have gone to someone who actually ran the race!!

    I got a small both years and this year the shirt is a little big. And I’m not really that small!!! So I’m happy with mine. 🙂

  2. Darrell says:

    Bummer about the shirts. I really like the colors and graphics, though.

    Some really risky investing of the $36 and you’ll have enough money to enter NYC in about 30 years, lol!

  3. ShoreTurtle says:

    My Philly marathon 2006 Endurafit tech shirt is my favorite race shirt. It’s like a compression shirt.

  4. joyRuN says:

    It’s your own fault for having huge delts & bulging biceps, Paul. My shirt fit me just fine 😉

  5. Ted says:

    Hey dude… I find it very amusing. Believe it or not, the Philly marathon is one of my favorite shirt to wear. It fits perfectly. I am surprised to hear this. Wow – I cannot believe you sold this on eBay. Someone must wanted it to so bad.

    I still cannot believe you are doing the Thunder Road marathon this coming Saturday. Good Luck and cannot wait to hear all about it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to my world; one in which every free shirt ever given to me at an event was ill-sized. My favorite is when the sign-up asks what size I want (small), then when I get to the event, they are all out of small. Another beef is the unisex sizing, which means that the shirt will be too long no matter what. That wad of excess fabric around my waist is just never going to look good!

    Last years Philly marathon shirt is one of the few I’ve kept. Too long, but super cool none-the-less.


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