Goodbye Old Friend

It looks like roadkill, but that’s my Nike Dri Fit running hat. It feels like it’s been around since Bill Bowerman founded Nike, but I think I’ve probably had it for about 3 years. It started it’s life with me on the tennis court. After a year or so of that it hit the road racing circuit. It was with me through my training for the NJ Marathon and than accompanied me for 26.2 miles on race day. I’ve been trying to revive it to make another run at Philadelphia but I think it’s time to call it quits. This sucker is going in the trash this week I think. I am looking for suggestions on where or what to buy for the next one. Some prerequisites:

– Dri Fit, Clima Cool, or otherwise sweat friendly (duh)
– Obnoxious color, something that can easily be seen amongst a crowd of runners
– Reflective accents would be nice, you know, keep me from getting hit by a car on those early morning runs

Besides my hat biting the dust, this was a good week of running. I found an unknown to me, deer infested preserve in Marlboro that I was able to run through on my long run Sunday. And there’s just something about training during the summer Olympics that puts an extra spring in your step. How about Michael Phelps? Good god, the cross training in my current plan makes me really appreciate this guy. I can barely swim two decent laps back to back – he is super human. I think Mark Spitz’s 7 medal record is about to be toast – Go Michael!

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